Improve your posture in 60 days *
*while training 3 times a week and regularly doing home assignment (for an average person)

Training in Moscow Pilates Studio
Improve your posture in 60 days
What you get from regular Pilates workout
Better health and feeling younger
Enhanced hormone production, improved functioning of cardiovascular system; better memory, concentration and mental alertness; stronger core.
Good posture
Back pain prevention and harmonized functioning of body organs.
More energy
More workouts means more energy. Pilates exercises improve breathing and boost blood circulation.
Say goodbye to headache
No more strained and stiff neck, increased body's blood flow.
Better full body flexibility
No challenging exercises, safe muscle stretching as a result of relaxation and extension.
Upright body posture
Get straightened, elegant and harmonized body contours.
Better sleep quality
Pilates workouts help to relax and shake off your problems via concentration on your body and its movements.
Better breathing
Increased lung capacity as a result of better rib mobility and diaphragm mobility.
Better body organs functioning
Thanks to body alignment, body organs are located properly and function in harmony.
"After ten classes you will feel the difference, after twenty classes you will see the difference, and after thirty classes you will have a brand new body."

Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates method
Physical therapist, Adaptive physical training and rehabilitation, specialization 'Physical rehabilitation' (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism)

Internationally Certified Pilates Teacher. Polestar Pilates international school (USA).

7+ years experience in Pilates and physical therapy, 10+ years in fitness. 22-years experience in self-fitness

What is Pilates for me? It's a way of streamlining the move of each and every muscle and setting up a strong team in which each body tissue functions properly.

Positive changes in your body are already visible to me after our first workout. My principal aim is to make them visible to you. I want YOU to feel these changes yourself.

Stanislav Aleksandrov
Personal pilates teacher/instructor
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This is a one hour individual class and I conduct it when it is convenient for you. Our aim is (1) to define your targets and (2) after testing your body movements determine your strengths and start applying them to reach your targets. I will also introduce myself, the studio and the equipment. In case you have your medical images or a medical report, please bring them with you.
Why me?
I love what I do
And this means that I am in a constant self-development and I am using all tools that I have.
A wide range of body work techniques
Studio Pilates, manual muscle release, 3D - body alignment and body workout.
Individual case report
For each of you I compile an individual case report. However long your pause in pilates might be, I will always have a full and accurate information on your body condition.
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Video feedback on our pilates classes
You are in safe hands
Because I am a lifelong learner and I never stop upgrading my knowledge and skills in pilates

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